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I have been doing this for years, and started our tweenager on part of this regime too because of pimples/breakouts (raging hormones will do it every time!).  These are effective yet inexpensive ways that might help to treat acne on your own.  Sometimes you do have to see a dermatologist, so keep that in mind.  If you don’t see noticeable results within a week and the acne is severe, I would definitely consult a dermatologist for further treatment.  Just a disclaimer – try this at your own risk.  I’ve used the items listed below for years with no problem, but every person is different.  If you have problems with ANY product, stop using it immediately.

First – it is very important to keep the face clean.  Keep your fingers/hands OFF of your face.  Your fingers have natural oils on them which further clog pores in the face and will make breakouts worse.  Also, keep your hair clean, and for boys, keep the hair short enough that it is not hanging on the forehead – oils from the hair will also make breakouts worse.

Plain ol’ soap is good enough to wash the face, unless you are a soap snob like me and are compelled to make your own.   😀  We use a facial soap I made with French Green Clay in it which is wonderful for drawing out excess oils from the skin and helps to remove impurities.  However, ANY soap is better than nothing.  Wash the face twice a day – preferably morning and evening.  Do not scrub excessively – it will only irritate the skin.  The goal is to gently remove excess oils – not scrub your face off.

Special note for women/girls wearing makeup – good ol’ Vaseline and an old washcloth will take off eye makeup/mascara better than anything I’ve ever found.  I’ve heard people say your eyelashes will fall out from using it.  That’s hooey – I’ve been using Vaseline to remove mascara since I was 13.  Several decades have passed since then, and I still have my eyelashes.  Remove eye makeup before washing the face with soap.  I keep a stack of old washcloths in the linen closet specifically for this purpose.

Now this is the clincher – it is the single most important thing you can do to prevent breakouts in my humble opinion.  Get a bottle of apple cider vinegar at the grocery store (you’ll find it around the regular clear vinegar, but apple cider vinegar is amber colored).   Pour some into a smaller bottle and keep it in your bathroom.  At LEAST in the evenings after you wash your face, take a cotton ball with some of the apple cider vinegar on it, and gently but firmly scrub your face with it.  Until you get used to it, it might take your breath away and your eyes might water (avoid the eye area, btw – it stings horribly).  Be sure to get in the creases around your nose very well.  Breathe through your mouth if you have to if the smell is too strong.  Allow the vinegar to sit for 30 seconds or so, then rinse your face with plain water.  The smell DOES go away after a few minutes and you won’t smell like a salad.

The apple cider vinegar helps to annihilate nasties on your skin that contribute to pimples/breakouts.  It is cheap to use, and it does work for most people.  I can tell within a day or so if tweenager isn’t using it – it makes that much difference.

We are also using a product called Clean & Clear Advantage – Acne Spot Treatment.  It has a purple cap and is in a small silver tube.  The stuff is clear, and it only takes a dab of it.  I think it cost around $7 at Walmart (which I thought was expensive), but it has done a pretty good job also.  We had tried different acne creams and they bleached out several shirts when kiddo would sweat after P.E., so we switched to this instead.

Lastly, if you have any foods that you know make you prone to breakouts, avoid them or at least eat sparingly.  Some people say chocolate is a trigger for them, although many doctors would disagree.  When I was younger, chocolate did seem to make my face worse.  That is one good thing about getting older … pimples are fewer and far between.  😀


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