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I believe the images from 9/11 are eternally etched in every American’s mind.  I just wanted to take a moment to honor their memory, and to remember in prayer the families who lost loved ones. 

May we never forget their sacrifice.

Remember the days following 9/11, and the way our nation pulled together to help one another.  No longer were we white, black, hispanic, jew or christian.  We were AMERICANS, and we still are.  It’s time for us to come together and remember what makes our country great, to stand up for what is good and right, and not turn a blind eye to the evils we still face.

Our nation stands on the brink of history – we will either have the first black President or the oldest (with another first by having a woman Vice President).  At this pivotal moment in time, consider what kind of person America needs as Commander-in-Chief.   We need a strong leader  to protect our nation from further attacks.  I believe with the military history John McCain has, he is the man for the job.  I believe he will continue to defend our great nation with honor, because he has already been tried and tested.  I believe Sarah Palin has the guts to stand up to whatever we face without backing down or compromising the values we hold dear.

One man running for President has served and fought for the freedoms you enjoy today.

One man deserves your respect regardless of whether you agree with him on every issue.

One man bears the scars of the love for his country – the love he has for his fellow Americans.

That man is John McCain.

Remember 9/11.  Vote on November 4th.


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