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Are you tired of what’s been happening in Washington and Wall Street?  Sick of seeing trillions of our tax dollars being wasted frivolously?  Concerned about what this financial mess bodes for future generations? Tired of contacting your representatives and getting the standard canned response?  Fed up with your representatives not representing your opinions and values?  Then stand up and make a difference!  There are Tea Parties scheduled all across our nation on April 15th.

To find a Tea Party near you, here’s a couple of links:



Also check out:  VoteThemOutIn2010.com

I realize I am a small fish in a big pond, but there are a LOT of small fish who feel the same way I do.  This is not a Democrat/Republican issue – I feel BOTH sides are to blame.  There should be term limits on our Congressional Representatives – some of them have made lifetime careers out of their political seats.

It’s time for new faces in Washington!


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