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Our ROME UNDERGROUND VBS is this next week (July 13 – 17).  Prayers would be much appreciated.  This is this first time for our church to use this format, and I think the kids will love it.  We had a work day today and got almost all of the decorating done – had a wonderful turnout of helpers!

I know I’ve been AWOL a lot the past few weeks, but hopefully things will slow down soon.  🙂

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We found a u-pick blueberry farm not far from us, and decided to get up early this morning to start pickin’!

We have 12 pounds of blueberries ready to go in the freezer.  For $1.00 a pound, you can’t beat it (and they are SO much better than the store bought or frozen ones!).

BTW, I think I may have sweat more than 12 pounds in the picking process, but it was so worth it!  YUM!

Blueberries, anyone?  😀

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