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We waded off into it this time.  Yessiree, Bob, we sure did.

We’re remodeling.

Those of you who have been there, done that just cringed even reading the word.  Those who haven’t ventured there yet, let me just say, God bless you!  You may be on the saner end of the spectrum.

Who knew there could be so much grit, grime, and dirt involved in a remodel.  Sometimes I think it would be easier to start new from the ground up.   (And by the time we add marriage counseling in there, I *know* it would be cheaper!)   😀

We’re ripping out walls, sealing and insulating them, putting up new trim, etc.  We bought paint last night, so that’s the next leg of our journey.  Is it worth it?  You betcha.  Are my arms so sore they feel like they could fall off?  I passed that point about a week ago.   LOL

I hope to get the homefront whipped into shape soon so I can get back to blogging more regularly.  I’m trying to take before and after pictures as we go so I’ll have something to share.

I’ve missed blogging, but alas…hubby is bellowing for me once more.


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I know Facebook is all the rage.   I myself signed up primarily to keep track of my niece and nephews, and I have actually reconnected with a classmate from long ago years past.  But there’s a dirty little secret that many parents are missing about Facebook – it is NOT kid-friendly!

Parents – do you really know what your kids are looking at on the computer?  I am absolutely shocked at the sheer number of children (elementary school through high school) who have their own FB page.  In the short time I’ve been on FB, I’ve seen ads that are completely inappropriate for kids (or adults for that matter), plus there are any number of “quizzes” you can take which have profane language and other vulgarities in them.   (Example – one of the most recent that I’ve seen is a quiz you can take to see “which %itch are you?”)

Yet – I have yet to hear any parent or child complain about the content on Facebook.  All I have ever heard is how much fun it is, blah, blah, blah.

I am not trying to be a stick in the mud, but I don’t care to read or see profanity and ads that are bordering on pornography, and I don’t feel it is appropriate by ANY stretch of the imagination for kids!

Have we sunk this low as a society?  Can it really be all that bad?  It appears so.

I don’t think there is anything inherently wrong with the Facebook concept, but there should be parental controls to limit some of the areas of content.

I know parents who are careful about what their children are exposed to on tv, in books, etc. but they have no problem letting them get on the computer and mess with Facebook.

WAKE UP, FOLKS!  Wipe the cobwebs from your eyes and protect your kids.  If you don’t instill YOUR morals and values in them, the world will do it for you.

Ok – I’m off my soapbox…for now.  😀

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Easter isn’t the Easter Bunny, hiding eggs, and getting candy for the kids.

Do you know Jesus?

If there were no Jesus, there would be no Easter.   Jesus loved you so much that He gave Himself for you on Calvary – He literally nailed your sins to the cross, and paid your sin debt in full.

How far would you walk to be free?

It is as simple as getting on your knees and asking Jesus to come into your heart – believe that He is who He said He is – God’s Son, sent to save the world.  Repent of your sins and thank Jesus for what He did for you.  The Bible tells us that He will not turn you away.  The only thing He cannot forgive is denying Him.

In a world gone crazy where nothing is sure, place your hope, faith, and trust in Jesus.  He is the only constant we have – He does not change.

On this glorious Easter Day – REJOICE!  He is risen!

Budda’s tomb contains Budda’s bones.  Mohammad’s tomb contains Mohammad’s bones.  Jesus’ tomb is empty because HE IS ALIVE!

Praise God!  😀

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I don’t know about your neck of the woods, but we have had so much rain lately, I can’t even get my garden going.  We had a couple of really cold nights in the early part of the week, but I’m hoping now spring will finally be sprung!  I’m ready for warmer weather (just not the profuse sweating that goes along with summer  😛 ).

What’s going in my garden this year…. I have two different types of tomatoes (brandywine and beefsteak).  Also several types of beans, sweet peppers, jalapenos, corn, carrots, cucumbers, watermelons, potatoes (and sweet potatoes), okra, and some flowers.  A row of zinnias and a few marigolds sprinkled here and there to help keep bugs out.

Are you gardening this year?  If so, what are you planting?  I’d love to hear what’s in YOUR garden.  😀

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Are you tired of what’s been happening in Washington and Wall Street?  Sick of seeing trillions of our tax dollars being wasted frivolously?  Concerned about what this financial mess bodes for future generations? Tired of contacting your representatives and getting the standard canned response?  Fed up with your representatives not representing your opinions and values?  Then stand up and make a difference!  There are Tea Parties scheduled all across our nation on April 15th.

To find a Tea Party near you, here’s a couple of links:



Also check out:  VoteThemOutIn2010.com

I realize I am a small fish in a big pond, but there are a LOT of small fish who feel the same way I do.  This is not a Democrat/Republican issue – I feel BOTH sides are to blame.  There should be term limits on our Congressional Representatives – some of them have made lifetime careers out of their political seats.

It’s time for new faces in Washington!

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