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Our local Fred’s Discount Store has Spam for $1.99/can this week.  That is a .50 cent savings over regular price.  (You could buy 10 cans for $19.90 plus tax – that’s a great way to add to your food storage!)

I’ve also been told that Piggy Wiggly has their store brand of veggies on sale at 3 for $1.00. They also have Van Camps Chili at 10 for $10.00, and corn bread mix at 3 for $1.00.

Our local grocery store carries “Best Choice” store brands, and their veggies are 2/$1.00 this week.  Also on sale here:

5# bag Gold Medal flour – $1.48

Grands Biscuits – 10/$10

7oz Flaked Coconut – 10/$10

5# bag red potatoes – $2.48

fresh cabbage – .38 cents/lb

Hunts Spaghetti Sauce – 5/$5

Bryan Vienna Sausages – 4/$2

Best Choice Chicken Broth – 2/$1

Cook’s Full Shank Half Ham $1.08/lb (Butt Portion is $1.38/lb)

Be sure to check out your local grocery store flyer for sales.  Local stores offer better value on their sale prices (normally) than Walmart.  Not to mention if we don’t patronize our local stores, eventually there will ONLY be Walmart and we will have no choice on what we pay.  I love Wally World, don’t get me wrong, but a little healthy competition is good for them.  Since our SuperCenter opened, we have lost one grocery store already.  I used to shop Walmart exclusively until I learned I could save more money shopping the sales at the other stores.  There are some things I still save more on at Walmart, but I try to be more conscientious overall of where our dollars are spent.

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I know all of us are pinching pennies nowdays, so I thought I’d do a sample of how you can add to your food storage/stockpile for about $20 a week using sale items.  Please note that Walmart rarely runs sales, but most grocery stores *do*.  Our local store puts a sale flyer in the paper each week, and I shop based on what’s cheapest.  Keep in mind that you want VARIETY in what you store.  You and your family would quickly grow tired of eating nothing but beans and rice every day.

Example using our current store sales:

10 cans veggies @ .50 cents/can = $5.00
2 cans PET milk @ $1.00/can = $2.00
2 – 5# bags flour @ $1.48/bag = $2.96
2 – 46oz cans tomato juice @ $1.18/can = $2.36
32oz dried pasta @ $2.00
2 cans fruit @ $1.00/can = $2.00
2 cans chili with beans @ .98 cents/can = $1.96
4# bag white sugar @ $2.00

All of this totals $20.28 plus tax and includes a variety from all food groups.

Or if you’d rather just stock up on canned vegetables while they’re .50 cents a can, $20.00 would net you 40 cans to add to your storage.  You will save money in the long run by purchasing this way, plus quickly add to your pantry each week without breaking your budget.

From the above list of items, you could easily make vegetable soup (which would provide more than one meal), a couple of pasta dishes (chili mac being one), fruit cobbler, chicken pot pie (just add some chicken to your list), several loaves of bread (as well as waffles, biscuits, pancakes), etc.  Your possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

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